November 1990: Statement by Bishops’ Conference of Yugoslavia

Bishops’ Conference of Yugoslavia, meeting at Zadar
27-28 November 1990
Printed in
Catholic News Service report
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From the very beginning, the bishops have been following the events of Medjugorje through the local bishop, the bishops’ commission and the commission of the Bishops’ Conference of Yugoslavia for Medjugorje. On the basis of studies that have been made to this moment, it cannot be confirmed that supernatural apparitions and revelations are occurring here.

Yet, the gathering of faithful from various parts of the world to Medjugorje, motivated by reasons of faith, requires the pastoral attention and care of the bishops. Therefore, in the spirit of church communion, our bishops’ conference is willing to assist the diocesan bishop in organizing the pastoral activity in Medjugorje so that a proper liturgical and sacramental life may be promoted, and so that manifestations and contents which are not in accord with the spirit of the church may be prevented and hindered.

The statement was approved by the bishops, with 19 bishops in favor and one abstaining.